The 6 iron golf club falls into the “mid-iron” range and is the perfect club to choose when you want to get a little more aggressive with your shot. While typical yardage for the average player is 130 – 150, Tiger Woods once hit a 6 iron 218 yards, over water, landing 18 feet from the cup – this famous shot pretty much clinched the victory for him at the Canadian Open at Glen Abbey in 2000. We can all hope.


Now, aggressiveness aside, you’ll still need to make a quality swing if you want to get killer yardage with your 6 iron golf club. The thing is, all you need to do is make solid contact with your ball; from there, getting your shot up into the air shouldn’t be an issue.


Tips for Hitting Your 6 Iron Golf Club


Ball Position

If you're not happy with how your 6 iron comes into contact with your ball, check your ball position. Golf balls are infamous for creeping away from a player’s stance. An easy fix for all iron shots: play short irons in the center, middle irons an inch forward, and long irons two inches forward.


Right-Hand Release and Backspin

When hitting a 6 iron, your right-hand release is essential to your game. As you come through the swing, make impact with the ball and follow all the way through aggressively with your right hand. This should launch the ball, giving it abundant backspin. Backspin is key to a 6 iron shot. Another trick: keeping your right arm straight helps your shoulder turn. At the same time, push off from your right foot – this makes room for your arms to swing into impact.


Descending Divot

Yes, a divot is a good thing with a 6 iron gold club (just remember to replace the turf). Taking a divot on a 6 iron shot should generate the backspin. To divot correctly, you’ll need a descending strike when you swing. To do this, your weight must move toward the target. Practice makes perfect. Make it a goal to practice taking a divot each time you hit the 6 iron. You will see drastic improvements in your game.


While the six iron golf club can be a challenge to hit well, these tips will make it a little bit easier, and over time, you will see how game-changing a good 6 iron shot will be for your game. Check out more tips for excelling at your golf game.