Your 7 iron golf club is one of the loftier clubs in your bag and hits a ball an average of 120 to 150 yards. It also happens to be the club most golfers tend to compare themselves against (second to the driver). As one of the loftier clubs in your bag, it’s an easier one to hit and is generally used closer to the green for pitch and chip shots.


How to Launch the Ball with a 7 Iron


Increasing the loft of the 7 iron clubface during impact should increase the height of your shot. However, how you get there could affect your shot trajectory, so follow these tips to ensure a perfect loft:


Stance: Position your golf ball slightly forward of center in your stance and closer to your front heel. Now, position your clubface so it’s pointing slightly right of your target. Take the club shaft and lean it (just barely) back so the clubhead is in line with your hands. If you do this correctly, your spine will tilt farther away from the target than it usually does, which will lower your right shoulder beneath your left shoulder.


Swing: The club shaft will strike the ball more vertically with the above stance. Picture your hands directly above the ball’s position, not pushed forward, during the club/ball impact. Allowing your wrists to grip faster during your swing will create an “L” shape between your right forearm and club shaft. This, in turn, will create extra loft, launching the ball higher.


Speed: Now, don’t go crazy with swing speed, but you will want to be slightly more aggressive through impact. This creates a fantastic backspin, allowing the ball to soar. It’s important to ensure your body continuously turns throughout the shot. The club will move faster and your hands will swing high through impact.


Every golfer dreams about hitting the ball so it flies high, straight and lands exactly where they had planned. When it comes to hitting your irons well, practice makes perfect. Pay attention to the above tips; it could mean the difference between a good round, a bad round, and who buys drinks on the 19th hole. Never underestimate the importance of your 7 iron when it comes to those approach shots near and around the green. Knowing the proper technique for 7 iron shots is a key to your success on the course. Check out more tips for excelling at your golf game.