The 8 iron is a must-have club in any bag. It is useful in so many situations. As a distance club, it ranges from 120 to 160 yards, depending upon your swing speed. With a controlled swing, the 8 iron is a very accurate club. You can go for the pin. The 8 iron is a great club for chipping to a middle pin. Grip down and use it in place of a 9 iron or wedge and swing easy for a better chance to get close to the pin.


2 Must-Know Tips to Swing Your 8 Iron Like a Pro 8 iron swing


Ball Position and Stance: Position your golf ball in the center of your stance and adjust your hands forward, just left of the center of your body. Most of your weight should shift onto your left leg. This stance enables a more vertical backswing and a more downward attack on the ball. Do this often enough (yes, practice) and in time, you’ll have a nice, soft trajectory with beautiful backspin and a perfect landing.


Swing: Remember to have a controlled and easy swing with your 8 iron golf club. Keeping your shoulders level and your torso in place as you swing back, your upper body should turn slightly away from the target. Your left shoulder should now be even with the ball. Early on in your swing, hinge your wrists all the way as this will ensure a steep swing and a straight shot.


Your short irons: the last thing you want to do is slug them. However, this can be tricky because of the above “full swing” tips. The trick with giving your 8 iron a full swing without shooting for the stars is in your swing control. But we get it. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as blasting a huge drive with every ounce of swing speed you have and watching in awe as your ball soars to the heavens. This is what your driver is used for – not your 8 iron.


In the words of Ben Hogan… "I want to be known as the man who hit them the straightest, not the longest." We’re pretty sure he was onto something there, and with a little practice, you’ll be hitting your 8 iron straight and sweet. Check out more tips for excelling at your golf game.