The PGA Tour FedExCup Playoffs have come and gone and with that another season is in the bag. This won’t be a complete retrospective of the year because I want to focus on three topics over the last month on Tour because it’s been packed with incredible moments and disappointing failures and these stand out the most to me. 

We start with Henrik Stenson. What more can be said about a guy who just won his sports playoff, and with that, cashed a cool $11.4 million check. Not bad for a month’s work. He made more during the FedEx Cup than he did the rest of the year because of that huge bonus check. His solid performance was spread throughout the tournament and he really put his stamp on it by winning the Deutsche Bank Championship and the TOUR Championship. He won’t be off the radar in 2014, that’s for sure. 

On to Jim Furyk, who shot an amazing 59 during the Friday round of the BMW Championship, always has a way of popping up when you’re about to forget about him. He birdied two out of his last three holes in that round to go sub-60. Everyone reading this has hoped to go sub-60 on NINE holes sometime in their life and for Furyk to do it on 18 is really special. He is only the sixth player in PGA Tour history to shoot a 59. That is outstanding and a very elite club. 

Finally, we get to Tiger Woods… why not? I finally was able to nail one of my picks that included Woods and all it took was picking him to finish second in the FedEx Cup. Maybe that will be my new approach with Woods. Pick him to finish either 2nd or 22nd and I should be pretty close week in and week out. It’s time to stop dreaming for the old Woods to come back because the rest of the Tour has simply gotten much better and his game has regressed. That’s just where we’re at and while I’ll be pulling for him in all the majors, I won’t be expecting him to win them next year. Which probably means he’ll go Grand Slam on us next year. 

Player of the Year Picks

Here’s who I’ve got:

1. Adam Scott

2. Tiger Woods

3. Henrik Stenson

4. Phil Mickelson

5. Matt Kuchar

Rookie of the Year

No contest… it’s Jordan Spieth.