One of these days, I'm going to go back through my record of making picks for PGA Tour events and see just how bad the crime scene actually is. For now, I'm moving forward and picking from my gut to decide who's going to win the Greenbrier Classic at The Old White TPC in West Virginia.

I have mostly fond memories of West Virginia, other than the fact I dislike (or hate) WVU athletics. I've enjoyed driving through it, spending time with friends who live near the state (but on the Ohio side fortunately), and I think the Greenbrier is a great golf tournament. I'm hoping the good thought karma I have for WV trumps whatever distaste I have for it and rewards me with a good week of making picks. We know how that usually turns out, but let's do this anyway. I tweeted this out last night, but thought I'd expand a little bit this morning. Call it a teaser, if you will.

Top 5 Picks

1. Jonathan Byrd - Byrd has had a strong year and I feel like - if this were pro wrestling - he's been getting a big push from the Tour (management) and a lot of exposure. Aside from that, he's playing good golf and doesn't go very long without making sure we talk about him. Plus, he did a sweet behind-the-scenes tour of his Man Cave - and that's something I can get behind. It may not be sound logic, but it will have to do for this week.

2. John Daly - Daly is coming off his first Top 10 finish in what seems like a decade. He was T9 at the RBC Canadian Open and from all the evidence I could collect, he seems to have his swing - and emotions - in check. We all know he's got talent, it's just mostly been wasted with off-the-course issues. I'd be happy to see Daly regain some prominence (in golf stature) on the Tour. I think he continues to build to that this week.

3. Phil Mickelson - If you pick Phil to finish high enough times, you'll eventually be right. That's not completely the case with this pick... but it's part of it. There's nothing I can say about Phil's game that you don't already know or probably wouldn't agree with. I think he has a good week and it's as simple as that.

4. Sergio Garcia - Kind of the same deal with Phil, except not really. Sergio rarely - if ever - comes through. That may seem harsh, but it's true. He has yet to claim a major, but if he can build up his confidence in time for the PGA, he could have a chance. I think he starts that process here.

5. Bill Haas - He's above-average in nearly every statistic kept on He's finished Top 5 on five different occasions this year. He'll do that again this week and I think we should start to get used to seeing his name in the Top 10. I feel like management is going to give him a push like they're doing with Byrd (take that however you want).

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