I enjoy the FedEx Cup, and while that wasn't always the case, it is now. Going back in the archives of this blog you can find a massive amount of criticism that has slowly waned over the years and that's a good thing for the PGA Tour and its playoff system. Is it perfect? No, but it's better, and that's what matters. Golf is a sport that you wouldn't on its best day call progressive. It rarely changes - and that's both good and bad. The FedEx Cup, however, has moved from bad to good enough to enjoy without being bitter about it. 

Rumor has it Tiger Woods is sporting a stiff neck from a soft hotel pillow and Rory McIlroy is hoping to reclaim his prominence on the top of the leaderboard during the next four weeks. My guess is Woods' neck will feel better sooner than McIlroy will win this thing for the simple fact that McIlroy has been a non-factor this year. That's a shame, really. We started the year with Woods and McIlroy lighting the golf world on fire in a Nike commercial and since then, fans have been relatively disappointed with their performances. That's fine, though, I'm not picking either of them this weekend. Which means they'll probably win, but that's beside the point. 

Barclays Picks

1. Brandt Snedeker

2. Matt Kuchar

3. Luke Donald

4. Jason Day

5. Keegan Bradley


FedEx Cup Picks*

1. Keegan Bradley

2. Tiger Woods

3. Jason Dufner

4. Luke Donald

5. Phil Mickelson

*I will be revising these picks each week as I see fit. The goal is for them not to change, but if an injury or missed cut pops up, I'll update them. 

Who you got?