Through all of Tiger Woods' injuries, most of the golf media has steadfastly told any fan accusing Woods of using performance enhancing drugs to stop with such nonsense. "He's never failed a positive test," they'd say... "This isn't Major League Baseball," they'd say...

Well what I'm saying is that I no longer believe Woods didn't use something, and here's why: Canadian doctor Anthony Galea accepted a plea deal after being accused of bringing unapproved drugs, including HGH, into the United States. He was charged with treating over 20 professional athletes in the US without a license between 2007 and 2009.

And the kicker, as most already know, Woods received treatment from Galea in 2009 to help speed his recovery after tearing his ACL and suffering double stress fractures to his leg. Woods has always denied any wrong doing and only admitted to being treated with PRP, or blood spinning, to help speed along his recovery.

Umm... ok. Colin Cowherd said it best on his radio show "The Herd" yesterday when he stated that of the 20 best hospitals in the world, the US has 18 and Canada 0. Athletes don't go up to Canada to get the best health care in the world, they come here. No baseball player who requires Tommy John surgery is going up to Canada, they're going to Dr. James Andrews.

We've been spurned by athlete denials in the past about their use of PED's and I'm simply not buying it from Woods anymore. His body completely changed, with muscles nearly ripping out of his red shirt on Sunday and then he started getting injured. It's not so much the injuries that bother me, it's the situation.

Woods has basically printed money throughout his career and you're telling me the best treatment he could get was from some shady doctor in Canada who we now know administered PED's to other athletes?

Of all those athletes, Woods is the only one who went there for the right reasons? Right, just like we can explain Barry Bonds' head growth and Roger Clemens being a lights-out, raging pitcher into his 40's. At this point, I don't really care if athletes use or have used PED's, but the fact that very few in the golf media have openly come out and say they believe Woods used is kind of astonishing.

The evidence is there... keep your blinders on if you want, but I can see it pretty clearly now.

Now, onto some other golf news...

Barclays Scottish Open heats up

We may want to focus our attention overseas because the Scottish Open appears to be heating up and there's a noteable name at the top of the leaderboard.

Graeme McDowell fired off an 8-under 64 to pull into a three-way tie for first with Scott Jamieson and Peter Whiteford. McDowell was -3 going into the second round but had six birdies, one eagle and zero bogeys to shoot him up the leaderboard.

McDowell may not be enough for you to pay attention, but when you throw Phil Mickelson into the mix, then it's time to tune it a little bit. Lefty didn't have quite the day McDowell had, but he made the cut and is mildly in contention. He hasn't benefitted from the great early course conditions like McDowell did, but all it takes is a few of Left's risks to pay off for him to start ascending.

Keep an eye out, because it may start to get very interesting if two notable PGA Tour players are in contention come Sunday.

What did John Daly do now?

This will be a short note so we can move on to more important things, but John Daly (a guy I picked to go Top 5 this week for the simple fact that I just wanted to) shot an 11 on the par-4 4th hole in the John Deere Classic, Friday.

As you read that sentence you may have thought I confused what you and I would have shot with what a professional golfer shot. You would be mistaken in that thought. Yes, Daly shot an 11! I wasn't sure there was much more humbling for Daly to go through, but he unfortunately continues to be more caricature than contender.

Kind of sad. Something tells me he won't be hitting the projected -3 cut line.

Full Leaderboard here

Hush, says McIlroy

Rory McIlroy doesn't want to hear your complaints about him winning the US Open then skipping straight to the British Open. Frankly, I don't want to hear it either because it doesn't matter. If he goes out and wins the British, I suggest his not play another tournament until the PGA Championship. Should he win that, skip to The Masters.