After taking a hiatus from PGA Tour sponsorship the past year due to bankruptcy, General Motors will become the sponsor of the World Golf Championship in Doral, FL with their luxury Cadillac brand. GM ended it's 50-year sponsorship of the Buick Open when it underwent expense cutting caused by bankruptcy. 

GM went farther than simply having to cut ties with the PGA Tour, it also had to end a nine-year endorsement partnership with Tiger Woods. However, it's not completely known whether or not bankruptcy or Tiger Woods' crashing into a fire hydrant had the most to do with that relationship coming apart. 

Buick was the longest standing sponsor on the PGA Tour before checking out. If another Buick Rendezvous model hits the market, it's only appropriate to wonder if the company goes back to Tiger Woods or goes another route. 

Perhaps Buick can simply send Tiger Woods a tweet (@TigerWoods) to see if he's been behaving himself. 

Rickie or Rory for 2010 Rookie of the Year?

When a golf fan thinks of Rickie Fowler, the first thing, err, color that comes to mind is orange. It's incredibly clear that Fowler loves his alma mater (Oklahoma State) by the way he burns retinas in his all-orange attire on Sundays, but it wasn't distracting enough to take him out of the Rookie of the Year discussion. 

In fact, it probably only magnified the 20/28 cuts made, seven top-10's, 2 runner-ups, 22nd finish on the money list and being a captains pick for the 2010 Ryder Cup team in which he played a crucial role down the stretch. 

Every player on the PGA Tour has a vote for the annual award and when Fowler was asked who he was voting for he said, "I voted for Rory - I'm not going to vote for myself."

Even with the fashion faux-pas, it's still apparent this young gun on the Tour has what it takes to be a factor for years to come. 

In a year that was mainly Tiger-less, having two quality Rookie of the Year considerations is a big plus for the PGA Tour, no matter who wins it. 

My vote (if I had one): Fowler.

Jordan named U.S. Assistant for President's Cup

Yes, that Jordan. The 6' 6", 198lb guard from Nooorrtth Carolinaaa... Michaeeeellllll Jorrrdannnnnn. Jordan was named as a U.S. Assistant by captain Fred Couples for the second year in a row. 

It's unclear what kind of X's and O's input Jordan could give to the team (likely none), but from a motivational standpoint, it's a great choice. 

"I can't wait," Jordan told the Associated Press. "I had such a good time in San Francisco with Freddie, Jay and the team back in 2009. I love golf, the team atmosphere and, of course, competition, and to be in the locker room with some of the best golfers on the planet was a great experience."

The highlight of that quote, obviously, is that Jordan had to drop how much he loves competition in the middle of it. What, the Hall of Fame speech didn't already drill that into our heads?