While PGA Tour players are midway through the Crowne Plaza Invitational this week, it felt like a good time to reflect on a week of golf news that has been far from normal. There weren't any huge scandals, but some of the stories associated with golf this week have been of the spoof variety... except for the fact that every one of the following stories actually happened. It was too hard to resist writing my own headlines for each story before digging in to the actual story itself.

Girl Power breaks hearts of 133 high school boys

Annie Park, a high school junior from Long Island, won the Nassau boys high school championship. Keyword: boys. She didn't just beat them, she throttled them enroute to a course record 8-under round. Her 134 total for the tournament broke that record by six strokes and also made any "you play golf like a girl" jokes moot for the rest of time. If playing golf like a girl garners those kind of results, I don't ever want to play like a boy again.

To top it off, she's got her sights set on a spot in the men's U.S. Open this year. Clearly her game isn't suited to play against high school aged kids - it's just too good, so it would make for a heck of a story if she did qualify. Hopefully it doesn't lead to Park follow in Michelle Wie's footsteps, though.

18 and a cart over a decade later

You remember Casey Martin. He's the PGA Tour guy with the golf cart. He had to file a lawsuit against the PGA Tour to get it because of Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome, which leaves him with a bad limp and chronic pain in his leg and Tour rules wouldn't allow him the use of a golf cart. He won that case 14 years ago and finished T23 at the US Open at Olympic Fields.

 It may be a long shot, but Martin has the opportunity to ride that cart around Olympic Fields at the US Open again. Martin made it through local qualifying and is set to tackle sectional qualifying. All he has to do is finish high enough in sectionals and he's in the US Open once again.

This time, there won't be any long litigation over whether or not a golf cart can be his transportation for the day, and that could be the edge his needs to set his mind at ease and simply focus on golf - and only golf. Sure, he's got a University of Oregon golf team to coach, but when life gives you a second chance, you don't pass it up, especially when the planets have aligned so perfectly.

AARP card + PGA Tour victories + Tiger Woods = Absolutely!

A reporter asked Tiger Woods if he believed he could continue winning on the PGA Tour well into his 50's. Before I read what Woods' answer was, I pulled out my Tiger Woods Quotebook and picked the following cliched Woods answer as my guess:

"Absolutely, 100% agree with that."

Well, what do you know... I got every word correct. We know by now it's not hard to predict what Tiger is going to say when it comes to the way he feels about his chances in a golf tournament.

It's a bit ironic, though, seeing as he's not even playing competitive golf in his 30's right now. That's Tiger, though.