I've been watching some old episodes of American Chopper on Netflix recently and yesterday I came across an episode from season 4 in which the now ripped apart Teutels built three bikes sponsored by EDS to honor the Byron Nelson Championship.

I figured the timing was right since the HP Byron Nelson starts today. I began to wonder if I had ever seen the bikes showcased anywhere on TV coverage over the past few years and came to the conclusion that I've never seen them outside the show. Maybe I'm not watching at the right times, or maybe they're staffed away in a big storage closet. Either way, they're beautiful bikes (check it out here)

When we last saw Jason Day (defending Byron Nelson champ) he was dueling fellow Aussie Adam Scott and Charl Scwartzel for the Masters championship belt. We haven't heard much from him since, but there's reason to believe, as is true with all defending champions, that he should be a factor this weekend.

So long as Day doesn't look too far ahead to the President's Cup, being held in Australia this year, I expect him to compete, and maybe even go back-to-back. Mike McAllister of PGATour.com has a good feature on Day, here.

I like to do a little thing before each tournament where I link to expert picks around the interwebs and follow that up with the most expert list of all, my own. At this point, I'm basically already looking forward to 2012 so I can get a fresh start on picking winners. But, maybe there's a turn-around coming in my future. We'll find out in a few days.

PGATOUR.com Expert Picks

GolfChannel.com Expert Picks: For some reason, I can't find these anywhere, so we'll give the Golf Channel a pass on this one.

I'd feel worse about my ability to pick winners if the rest of the "experts" didn't have as poor a track record as I do. No need for statistical analysis, it's just a fact. Once I finally get a correct winning pick, I'll personally send a lucky Twitter follower some golf balls (brand new, too) so be sure to follow us on Twitter: @HurricaneGolf

Hurricane Golf Expert Picks:

1. KJ Choi
2. Jason Day
3. Rory Sabatini
4. Arjun Atwal
5. Dustin Johnson