Bill Haas didn’t just win the TOUR Championship and FedEx Cup on Sunday, he ignited a debate in the sports world that was running on all cylinders Monday.

The topic in questions wasn’t whether Haas was an unlikely double winner, but whether or not his shot on the par-4 17th in the second playoff hole was the Shot of the Year. Haas’ approach shot rolled into shallow water and was partially submerged near the left front of the green. He put his right foot in the water, swung, and watched as the ball rolled to about three feet. He and Hunter Mahan both made par on the hole.

When Mahan was unable to match Haas’ par on the third playoff hole, the son of golfer Jay Haas earned two trophies - the FedEx Cup and TOUR Championship - and stuffed $11.4 million into his pocket. Not a bad Sunday afternoon for a player who has been on the cusp of glory all year.

Whether you believe Haas’ shot was the best of the year or not, it was the best of the weekend. If you need proof of that, look no further than right here. Personally, I think it's the best of the year. Many have discounted it because it wasn't in a major, but when you make a clutch shot that's worth $11.4 million and 2 important trophies, the shot not being hit in a major really isn't a good reason to discredit it.

Haas said having his family there to watch, especially his father Jay, helped him to play a little better because he’s “trying to perform for him.” To say Jay Haas is a proud father today is more than likely a grave understatement. Bill didn’t win a major on Sunday, but he took home the next best thing on the PGA Tour.

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot more Haas in the headlines going forward.

I'm sure you're not surprised that I didn't pick Haas to win the FedEx Cup, for that kind of good decision has escaped my picks all year. I've picked him to win tournaments this year - none of which he actually won - and I'll pick him again in the future, with more confidence that's for sure. Let's see how my picks turned out (all were made before the first tournament of the FedEx Cup)...

1. Stricker, 18th - Injuries killed his chances.
2. Mickelson, 15th - Never had a special tournament.
3. Donald, 3rd - NAILED IT!
4. Watney, 9th - Close enough?
5. Choi, 11th - Closer enough?

In review, I got one right and missed the rest by an average of 10.25 spots... which means I made pretty decent picks, but only on was worth bragging about. It's like that old saying, even a blind squirrel finds a nut. Cliche? Yes. True? Very.