Sometimes it's important to take a step back and away from the constant grind of following the PGA Tour and the endless news cycle that comes with it. The problem with that is if you blink your eyes you might wake up to a vastly different landscape than the one you remembered. It's not that the news is so hard hitting and gossipy that you've got to stay on top of it or be swept away... it's that the Tour has a way of turning itself on its head overnight.

I had a flood of little league baseball games to go to this weekend for my nephews, which made following The Memorial quite a challenge. I snuck in periodic leaderboard updates and the @HurricaneGolf Twitter timeline to try to stay in the loop, but it wasn't all that sufficient. I normally devour coverage through various mediums all at the same time, but I didn't have a choice this time around.

I was leaning up against the fence at my final little league game of the weekend wondering how many innings were left when I heard people giddily talking about golf. I leaned away from the fence and closer to the conversation to find out Tiger had won Jack's tournament. I checked our twitter feed and couldn't believe all the conversation about Tiger that was happening, most of it revolving around "Is Tiger back?" That, dear golfers, is a question I could go without ever hearing or having to try to answer ever again.

It was clear to me conversation about Tiger Woods was going to flood the media for a few days, especially with the U.S. Open looming. I had no problem taking it in and involving myself in the Tiger Talk. It's simply part of the job when you cover golf. One day Tiger is the worst golfer on the planet and the next day he's going after Jack's major championship record again. It's always a quick turn around and never a head scratcher when you try to figure out which way his game is leaning.

Seemed like Tiger winning was going to be the biggest story of the week that affected the media the most. Of course, when you assume something covering the PGA Tour, it's never going to end up the way you think.

Fast forward a couple days and all of the sudden Tiger winning didn't seem like much of a feat after all.

I wrote a little bit about it last week, but you remember the Cart Guy, Casey Martin. He sued the PGA Tour because he had a medical condition that made walking around a golf course all day every day nearly impossible. Well, he won the suit and ended up finishing T23 in the 1998 U.S. Open.

Fourteen years later, he's the head coach of the University of Oregon golf team. He's also only played about 15 rounds in the past year or so.

Oh, and he qualified for the U.S. Open again. It was a long shot, but he made it through all the qualifying rounds and is set to tee it up in the major championship this year.

The way the world of golf is turning right now... he'll probably end up winning the thing. Surely, he'll make the cut and finish ahead of Tiger, at least.

Just another 180 on the PGA Tour.