Ryder Cup: Team USA

In what has become a semi-annual tradition, the United States of America once again lost to Europe in the Ryder Cup. As a Northeast Ohio native, I’m starting to feel like the U.S. team has acquired a bit of the Cleveland Curse that plagues the Indians and Browns organizations.

Meanwhile, Team Europe continues its dynasty and domination without batting an eyelash. When you take some time to break it all down, the bottom line becomes the fact that Team Europe knows how to excel in a team format in an individual sport. The U.S. didn’t play terrible golf, they were simply outplayed and managed when it came to the team dynamics of the Ryder Cup.

Looking Ahead

Get ready for a media blitz in the coming months focused on two golfers we haven’t seen play in months: Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson. There has been no word when DJ will be back as he battles demons off the golf course, but with fatherhood now looming, I would expect to see a more sharp and focused Johnson in 2015 (if he plays).

Then there’s the Tiger Woods media parade that will hit in about two weeks. It’s going to be the same questions as usual when it comes to Eldrick: “Is he healthy?” “Has he fixed his swing?” “Will he ever be even a shell of what he used to be?” It’s all out there and waiting for golf fans to eat it up and drive ratings and web traffic for those in the golf media. It sells, I get it. I know our readers are interested in it - and so am I, to a point.

Tiger has become nostalgic for fans, like a sports fan base looking back to the glory days of their team’s dynasty. It was really fun while it lasted, but the glory days appear to be all but over.

The Replacement

Which brings us to the golfer who has thoroughly supplanted Woods at the top of the golf mountain: Rory McIlroy. Just look at what he accomplished this year:

#1 WGR; #3 FedEx Cup Cup; Won The Open Championship, PGA Championship, WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, and Ryder Cup; 2nd at The Honda Classic and TOUR Championship; He didn’t miss a cut all year on the PGA Tour, and….. earned $8.2 million. Of course that doesn’t include endorsements.


If you ask me what I’m looking forward to most in 2015, it’s going to be watching Rory McIlroy continue this impressive streak. I’m also very interested to see how Rickie Fowler improves his game over the short offseason to get over the final hump of winning a major.