1. Snedeker wins(?) Farmers Insurance Open

Due to an incredible meltdown from Kyle Stanley on Sunday, Brendt Snedeker will be cashing in the prize money from the Farmers Insurance Open and adding a trophy to his collection. Stanley triple-bogeyed his final hole, which opened the door for a playoff between himself and Snedeker. It took Snedeker two playoff holes to capitalize on Stanley's huge error and win his first tournament of 2012.

One could say Stanley lost the Farmers just as much as Snedeker won it, but once that winner's check is handed over, the details - and speculation - are fairly moot. Even though Stanley's collapse was epic, a few months from now all we'll remember and read is that Snedeker won an Stanley came in second.

2. Speaking of that epic collapse....

Here's the video. Enjoy. Or, look away. Your choice. The meltdown starts at 1:02. We've all been in thissituation, just not with a lot of money or recognition on the line. I can't tell you how many times I've 3-putted an eagle opportunity, or worse, 4-putted it.

3. TW finishes T-3

Do you smell what Robert Rock is cooking? Tiger Woods certainly does after finishing T-3 in Abu Dhabi this weekend. Rock laid the smack down on Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods overseas and scooped the biggest win of his career thus far. Not a bad weekend. Question is, did he hit McIlroy with the Peoples Elbow and finish of Tiger with the Rock Bottom, or vice versa. I need to know these things. Here's the wrap-up.

4. Overreact about Tiger Woods? Of course the media will.

A simple Google News search will get you every angle on Woods' weekend in Abu Dhabi, including some funny(punny?) headlines. 

5. Q-School = dead in the water

You know that dramatic amateur tournament each fall that has captured the hearts of golf fans and provided some great storylines for the past 46 years? The PGA Tour is killing it. What a shame.

Q-School as we've come to know and love it will be laid to rest when the calendar turns to 2013 and will be replaced by a postseason series of around 150 players who just completed full PGA or Nationwide Tour seasons. Rather than get into a hundred little details from a PGA Tour statement about why this is better, I'll just cut to the chase... this is all about money. Shocking, I know. As the PGA Tour struggles to find title sponsors for the Nationwide Tour and Q-School, it's decided to scrap one of the best, most compelling tournaments it has.

The PGA Tour claims this will help "grow the minor leagues," but that's garbage. They're hoping it will help grow the bottom line, nothing more. Scott Michaux of the Augusta Chronicle broke it down quite nicely.

6. Comedy, golf style

This situation is only funny in the world of golf, no where else. In fact, it's not even that funny in golf, but I guess you just had to be there. 

7. College is always great

I enjoy the College Day concept that was done at the Farmers. Here's a slideshow. I bet you can't find Rickie Fowler. http://galleries.pgatour.com/gallery/2012-Farmers-College

8. I want to go to this next year...

If you couldn't go to the PGA Tour merchandise show, fear not. This pretty much covers it.


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