1. Wagner calls shot, connects

Johnson Wagner not only has one of the best names on the PGA Tour, he's got a victory filed under the year 2012. Wagner finished -13 on Sunday to claim the first full Tour field tournament of the year and made good on his proclomation that he'd win early in 2012. A few other highlights he can scratch off his list: trip to the Masters in 2012, return trip to Maui in 2013, be compared to Tom Selleck. Not a bad weekend.

2. Rory is heading stateside

Defending US Open Champion Rory McIlroy released part of his 2012 US schedule via Twitter and he'll be making first trip to the states Feb 22-26 for the WGC-Accenture Match Play. He'll play the Honda Classic the following weekend as well. Though Rory is no longer a member of the PGA Tour, it's likely he'll play in 15+ Tour events this year, which is similar to what he played in 2011. Good enough for me.

3. Mustache worth a thousand words

There have been plenty of articles about Johnson Wagner's mustached, and rightfully so. Here's a good collection of responses. The fact that it's slow at the office and barely anyone around the country is working due to the MLK holiday makes it especially sweet to have some mustache analysis to pass the time. 

4. Weed and golf

These two words don't often wind up in the same sentence, unless one is talking about where their golf ball ended up after an errant shot, but Matt Every's openness about his prior use of marijuana and how it affected his game has been a big headline today. The golf media can be extremely uptight and judgemental, so I wasn't surprised to hear Erik Kuselias and Gary Williams of The Morning Drive talking atop their soap boxes this morning. It's not their worst holier than thou stance, but I find it hard to listen to a guy like Kuselias talk about family values when he's got a creepy past at ESPN involving sexual harrassment (allegedly). Have a listen

5. Lexi's family secret

This is presented without analysis, I just think you should read it. So, read it

6. Is longer really longer?

I always enjoy what the guys over at My Golf Spy put together in their "lab." Like they always say, it's tough to get straight forward reviews on equipment and I think they do a good job of keeping it down the middle. Check out their latest concoction

7. Tiger & Romo

It was reported today that Tiger & Romo will be teaming up at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am this year and my initial thought was... I can't wait to hear the uproar from my fellow Dallas Cowboys fans about how Romo shouldn't be golfing, he should be waste deep in his playbook even if it is the offseason. That will be really enjoyable. On another note, I hope they win, because it's been awhile since I've seen Romo do something that resulted in his team winning. Perhaps it will be reassuring? I'm not sure anymore. 



9. Putting season

It's always putting season, especially in the winter when you can't go outside and hit golf balls because 1. it's too cold and 2. golf balls are white and get easily lost in the snow. SO, head on over and snag our Deal of the Week, which is a collection of awesome putters from Odyssey and TaylorMade.