The annual lull in the PGA Tour season is upon us once again. It happens at this time each year, when all the majors have passed, the playoffs concluded, and the money list is all wrapped up.

A debate over Tiger Woods can, and certainly will, rear its head and on occasion something will happen that catches headlines, blazes across our Twitter timelines, and then vanishes as quickly as it came.

These are sentences I should be writing in a month and a half, but I unfortunately thought the Presidents Cup started this weekend. A simple review of the PGA Tour schedule would have stopped my offseason depression from forming this week, but obviously that never happened.

Something about the state of the PGA Tour right now just isn't sitting right with me. I followed the FedEx Cup religiously (and enjoyed it for the first time), got caught up in the Luke Donald vs. Webb Simpson Money List leader battle, and am making the Presidents Cup appointment television next month. I've taken the past few days to figure why - with all these great moments happening every weekend on Tour - I'm still not satisfied.

I've concluded that covering golf so closely over the past year and some change has made me a bit of a golf snob. Not a bad kind of snobbery, but the kind where you become so accustomed to something and you thumb your nose at change. I'm not looking forward to truly writing a golf depression story in short time, but there's no question it's coming.

Forgetting the actual date of the Presidents Cup may have actually been a good thing, now that I think of it. With such a great event thrown into November, I won't have to truly worry about missing the game just yet.

Consider that a good thing.