Hurricane Golf's Jason Hiland recently had a chance to talk with PGA Tour player Adam Hadwin. They covered a wide array of topics, ranging from equipment and life on the tour all the way to the most important of subjects, facial hair. 


HG: Adam, you are off to a solid start in 2016. What new Callaway equipment has gone into the bag this year and what piece of new equipment is giving you the most improvement?

Adam Hadwin: I didn't change much.  I put in a new Great Big Bertha driver with two sliders on the back.  I also put in the new Bertha Alpha 816 3 wood.  Both have been great in adding consistency off the tee.  

HG: What shafts do you currently use in your irons and woods and what grips do you use?  Adam Hadwin

AH: I have golf pride 58r with two wraps of double sided tape on everything.  In my wedges I have dynamic gold s400's.  In the irons I have project X 7.0's.  In my hybrid I have a matrix ozik altus.  In my driver and 3wd I have mitsubishi diamana 70x.  My driver shaft is 44.5 inches.

HG: When you came off the Tour and onto the PGA Tour in 2015, what was biggest change you had to get comfortable with on the big stage?

AH: I had played some events on tour before including a couple US opens, so I had an idea of what it was like.  The biggest adjustment is just getting used to traveling to new cities and new courses.  I was on the for 3 years and I got to know the courses we played and the cities we played in.  On tour, a lot of it was brand new.  I had to ask players where the range was at some events because I hadn't been there before.  Where to stay for the event, where to eat.  

HG: Professional golfers are always working to improve. Is there anything you are specifically working on in your game at this time?  What do you think most amateur golfers should focus on to get better?

AH: We are definitely always working towards something.  Specifically right now I am trying to be more consistent with my ball striking.  My putting has been great all year, I just need to start hitting more fairways and greens.  When I do that, I usually post a good number.  


I think the average player should spend more time on and around the putting green.  Practice the short game and the putter to get up and down more often.


HG: The last and most important question I have: Are you going ever to grow a beard as stylish as your fellow Canadian Graham Delaet?

AH: hahaha, I probably could grow a better one, only because my facial hair is much darker, but I could never do it.  It gets way to hot during the summer!  Plus my girlfriend would kill me!