Rory McIlroy may have collected the most trophy during the 2012 FedEx Cup playoffs, but Brandt Snedeker walked away with the most important one and a $10 million check. 

Snedeker is the kind of golfer who is a regular in the Top 10 of leaderboards, but doesn't get the kind of main stream press that the global icons of the game garner. It's the kind of situation that makes one believe that flying under the radar is most likely the best path to take as a professional golfer. He doesn't get the kind of frustrating over hype Tiger Woods and McIlroy get, and he's yet to pull in a major championship victory, but the minimal attention allows him to work on his game with peace of mind and not be subjected to the media headaches. 

He's also the kind of golfer that when you wake up Monday morning and find out he's won a tournament, you shrug, and say, "That's a little surprising, but it makes sense." Winning the TOUR Championship and the FedEx Cup might change the whole attention part and we may some day soon be waking up Monday morning wondering if Snedeker pulled off another big, rather than having that slight bit of surprise. 

Is Snedeker one of the best golfers in the world? Of course, everyone on the PGA Tour is... but is he on his way to superstar status and really being viewed by all as one of the elite golfers in the world? Not quite, in my opinion, but if you ask Snedeker, he's right up there on any given Sunday.

"I think it solidifies what I already know," Snedeker said. "I think when I play my best golf, my best golf is some of the best in the world. I've never had more confidence in myself than I have the last five weeks, and I made sure that I kept telling myself that all day. I am one of the best players in the world. This is supposed to happen. It's OK to feel nervous, and no matter what I feel today, everybody else in the field feels exactly the same way I do." (

That's a strong quote from Snedeker, but just like him winning, it doesn't surprise me. Throughout my time writing this blog, I have occasionally put Snedeker in my Top 5 or Top 10 picks, but not for this tournament. I put my eggs in the McIlroy basket, but I'll be keeping a closer eye on Snedeker the rest of the year and heading into 2013.

One thing is for sure... I'm happy he's on the USA team for the Ryder Cup.