The golf offseason always comes too soon. Fortunately, there are so many distractions between it ending and beginning again, it's the fastest offseason in all of sports. By the time we hit Thanksgiving, my golf depression is in full swing, but all of a sudden it's Christmas time and the new season is just around the corner. This, dear readers, is a very good thing.

The only thing that makes not being able to play golf due to the winter weather a little better is being able to watch others play it in tropical climates. Well, sort of. It's better than nothing. I decided to come up with a plan to cure golf hibernation this year and I encourage those of you with snow and blistering winds swirling outside your window to join me. Here's the plan:

For gamers...
1. Figure out every course the PGA Tour is playing during winter months and play them either on Tige Woods or an online game the same week the tournament is being held. Be sure to finish the round prior to the start of the tournament. While the tournament is going on compare your score card with the pros after each round and keep track of how you do. If you're awesome at these games it will be the one and only time you get bragging rights over any pro you beat.
For the golf obsessed...
2. Find the course layout for all or only your favorite tournaments so you know true hole distances and course layout. Next, find one of those (slightly expensive) indoor facilities where you can hit balls and it tells the distance and direction it went. Play 9 or 18 holes of the course, factor in your handicap and see how you do. Most importantly, tell your significant other you'll be gone for the day and make sure you bring a gift home with you because it might take awhile. I've tried this a few times in the past and it's nice to pull clubs out of your bag at the range for a purpose. For putting, I either just give myself a three putt, or chip from the fringe and then finish out. It's not an exact science, but it makes indoor golf a little more tolerable. 
For the lazy...
3. Follow @hurricanegolf on Twitter and join me in complaining how cold it is outside and all you want to do is play golf.
I dable in all three of these areas throughout the winter and so far, I think that's the best recipe to stay engaged in the game when there's no way to play for real. Each has their benefits: golf video games are awesome; throwing your clubs in the trunk when the ground is snow covered feels liberating; and following @hurricanegolf on Twitter simply has no downside. 
Good luck.