The day after every golf season is, I start a countdown. Holidays come and go, the weather turns to a winter apocalypse in Chicago, but I keep counting down the days. 

On Thursday, that countdown reaches zero and FINALLY, THE MASTERS have come BACK to my television. For the millions (AND MILLIONS) of Augusta National’s fans, this is the greatest time of the year. The Masters is the major of all of majors on the PGA Tour, the premiere event, or simply, The Big One.

In a matter of days Jim Nantz will be softly speaking in historic tones while a beautiful, yet treacherous landscape frames the television picture. 

We’ll see Tiger in red (hopefully), Bubba Watson in a quest to defend his green jacket, and the greatest golfers in the world hoping they’ll be the one Watson puts a new green jacket on. 

Rory McIlroy says he is “100 percent.” He’ll need every one of those percentage points both physically and mentally to tame Augusta National. He’s failed miserably and historically at this course in the past, but to say he’s matured since then would be an understatement.

Past Masters champions will walk the grounds that made them immortal heroes and one lucky golfer will join their ranks again this year. Masters champions are never forgotten, for their conquest of Augusta National is a feat unlike any other. 

In 1934, Bobby Jones’ greatest legacy began. In 1949, the first green jacket was awarded to the winner. In 2013, another golfer will become legendary. Now, the only question is... who?