What more can be said about The Masters that hasn’t been said already?

In reality, no words can do justice to the majestic scenery of Augusta National and no words can do justice to describe the battle PGA Tour golfers will face mentally and competitively over the course of four days. 

The Masters speaks for itself. 

The battle for victory is where we can interject, debate and make bold decisions about who will be wearing the coveted green jacket on Sunday. Onto the Power Rankings...

1. Tiger Woods - Woods hasn’t conquered Augusta National since 2005, but prior to that he’s donned the green jacket four times. He’s on a roll in 2013 with three wins and hasn’t shown a combination of mental focus, shot control, and putting ability like this since he was dominating the Tour single-handedly. If not this year, then when?

2. Bubba Watson - I usually reserve the top spot for the returning champion, but as much as I’d like to not be on the Tiger band wagon, it’s pretty impossible not to be right now. Watson had a dream ride to his first green jacket last year and though he hasn’t won a tournament since The Masters last year, I’m of the belief someone with the ability of Watson can catch that magic again.

3. Rory McIlroy - McIlroy hasn’t started 2013 with a bang, but he did finish second in the Valero Texas Open last week. The demons of 2011 have been tamed, but McIlroy will need to find the right balance of focus and risk if he’s going to win his first green jacket. McIlroy has epically struggled mentally at Augusta National, but he has matured a lot in two years.

4. Adam Scott - Scott is going to put it together at some point because he has all the tools to win a major and that includes The Masters, which is typically a different beast than the other three. Each year, he gets a little more experienced and when he finds the right groove he’s very tough to beat.

5. Phil Mickelson - Mickelson is rarely not in contention at The Masters, so logic says he’ll be in the mix on Sunday. He won the WM Phoenix Open earlier this year and has shown flashes of good form. As is custom with Lefty, if his risks pay off, you can be sure he’ll be in one of the last groups on Sunday.

So, who’s going to win it? I’ll take my Top 5 in Power Rankings to finish all in the Top 10, but Woods is getting another green jacket on Sunday. 

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