Living in the midwest means that once March hits, we’re not only due for some madness… we’re due for some golf. You know, the real kind, where we can actually go outside and swing our clubs and not have to use highlighter-colored golf balls because there is a foot of snow on the ground. 

While the inevitable March snow storm may have been blown through last night, it will be over 50 degrees on Friday and that means golf courses will be packed soon. I can’t wait for that. On to The Short Game…

Steve Williams still hates Tiger

Former Tiger Woods caddie and groomsman, Steve Williams, told Fox Sports Australia that “I haven’t sorted anything out with [Tiger]. There’s been a lot of … this, that and the other … but the hatchet hasn’t been buried.”

I guess that handshake after last year’s British Open didn’t mean anything. If there’s one thing we know here, it’s that Steve simply can’t let it go. The question is, why? Tiger made him a millionaire and provided him with a great job opportunity for over a decade. It was simply time to move on. Stevie even pretended to be morally offended and shocked by Tiger’s infidelity, which was joke. No way he didn’t know. 

Let it go, Steve. Your old boss already has. Plus, you won a major - The Masters, no less - without him. That should be payback enough. 

McIlroy still not right

I wanted Rory McIlroy to win the Honda Classic because I thought it would be a confidence booster. Even though he said afterwards there were a lot of positives to take away from the less, let’s be honest, he choked it away down the stretch. He’s simply still not right. It’s part swing and part clubs. Check out this swing break down to see what the experts think is still a flaw for Rory.

Bright colors in golf

If you’ve ever wondered who the Top 10 most colorful golfers are, your dream has come true. Take a wild guess who is No. 1.  Yes, it’s the traffic cone (aka Rickie Fowler). 

If you’re golfing this week, hit em straight, replace your divots, and keep your cart out of the sandtrap. The Short Game will return on Friday.