What I'm going to miss most about the golf season freezing over and the PGA Tour taking its annual hiatus is not just the feeling of getting out on the course or being lazy on the couch watching golf. There's more to it, as I'm sure is the case with anyone who has found this blog. I'm a sucker for lists, so let's get started with this one. 

Reasons to miss golfing and watching golf because it's just about winter...

1. The constant back and forth about whether Tiger Woods is back. You'd think this would be something that I WOULD NOT miss, but I'm one of those over analytical people who also enjoys reading the thoughts of other over analytical people. Tiger is polarizing and that always makes fodder for a good column or Twitter rant from any number of people. After a long winter nap, I look forward to jumping right back on the bandwagon as this circus goes for another lap. 

2. Eating a hot dog after the 9th hole. There are few things I like more about golfing than eating while I'm making the turn. Whether it's a hot dog, Snickers or something else off the grill, there is something perfect about the energy you've spent on the first 9 and the way that mid-round snack amps you up for 9 more holes. I can eat a hot dog any time, but at the ball park, on the Fourth of July and between holes 9 and 10 are the best times I can think of. 

3. Cleaning my clubs. I find the process of scrubbing away 18 holes of mostly poor shots and big divots soothing. It's like getting a clean slate for the next time you tee it up. Of course, when I hit a great shot, I swear to never clean the club again because I don't want to wipe off the magic, but I always do. Many don't like having to clean their clubs and many others don't at all, but it's something I always look forward to especially if there's a beer and some good friends around partaking as well. 

4. Pretending I'm a worse golfer than I am on this blog. The fact is, I'm not the worst golfer in the world, as I portray myself to be on here all the time. I shoot in the 80's for 18 holes routinely and while that's not great, it's not terrible either. I'm sure it's where most people on this site end up. However, it's fun to pretend that anytime I pick up a club madness is about to occur and there's a patch of grass that's going to need re-seeding. You can bet that if I was really good, I'd rub it in. But you all probably wouldn't buy that any way. 

5. Promoting deals on the Hurricane Golf Blog. Just kidding. Go sign up for our VIP for exclusive, time-sensitive deals and check back every Monday for a new Deal of the Week. Plus, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. It's nice that you came here for the blog, but the deals are where it's at. Oh, you came for the deals? Well, thanks for stopping by the blog, too. 

This list will be ongoing throughout the winter, so check back often for more and feel free to leave a comment on what you'll miss the most this winter.