Call it the end of an era. Steve Williams, long time caddie for Tiger Woods, announced yesterday that Woods had fired him following the final round of the AT&T National in early July.

Woods didn't even play in the tournament, but perhaps all the time he's had off has given him too much time to think. With everything else in his world changing: from married to divorced... full-time dad to part-time dad... clean cut to taboo... dominator to spectator... it's not much of a surprise that the mental and physical stress he's been under has led him to cut ties with the final piece of his former life.

Maybe it was too hard to see Williams on another bag, as the caddie has been lugging the clubs of Adam Scott recently. Maybe telling Williams it was okay to do so was a test to see if he'd ever actually leave Tiger. Whatever the real reason is, Williams said he "had a feeling" it was going to happen.

Makes you wonder how that conversation went. Something tells me it was pretty one sided and Williams didn't have much of a chance to talk it out with Tiger. Then again, it's just another change in the ever changing world of Tiger Woods.

"I don't begrudge Tiger. He feels he needs to make a change. But the timing for me is something I'm very disappointed in. Given what's transpired the last 18 months, you can't find a more loyal person than I've been," Williams said.

I would begrudge him for that very reason. Rachel Uchitel had to sign a confidentiality agreement (allegedly) in exchange for a $10 million mouth zipper. Did Williams get any such treatment? Lord knows he's got to have some serious dirt on Tiger, and it's only (maybe) a matter of time before Williams comes to his senses and cashes in his disgruntled employee card.

I'd like to hear your suggestions on what's next for Woods... because at this point, nothing really surprises me.

RBC Canadian Open picks

Keeping it to 5 this week, and here they are. Thank the Chicago heat wave that knocked out my internet for this late posting.

1. Matt Kuchar

2. Ryan Moore

3. Rickie Fowler

4. Jim Furyk

5. Kevin Na