It was a walk-off shot of epic proportions. Think Babe Ruth calling his shot, add fading day light, subtract 150 lbs., change the sport, and you've got a decent description of the scene. Yet, it doesn't do it justice. 

Jonathan Byrd nearly missed his opportunity at immortality on the 3rd playoff hole of the Justin Timberlake Shriner's Hospital Open. He was one hop away from seeing his ball splash in the water around the green and being eliminated from the playoff against Martin Laird and Cameron Percy. 

Byrd survived, but a decision had to be made by the playoff trio whether or not there was enough light to play another hole, or wait until Monday. They decided to play one more, but it didn't last long. 

Byrd pulled a 6-iron from his bag and hit a slight draw that went straight for the pin. He had no idea how well he hit it and asked his caddie if it went in. 

The answer was yes, but Byrd couldn't believe it. The resounding cheers from fans around the green wasn't even enough to snap him out of his confusion over where he ended up, especially because he thought he hit it too far. 

Fact is, he hit it exactly 204 yards, into the bottom of the cup. 

"It's kind of hard to process because I'm still kind of in shock," Byrd said. "It started perfect, it turned perfect and it was coming right down the flag. I thought I hit it too good. I thought I hit it too far. And I couldn't see anything. But to hear the reaction as it went in, I was just in shock."

Byrd's fourth PGA Tour victory was the first sudden death playoff victory decided by an Ace. 

If you don't believe Byrd was in shock, watch this video. He basically goes numb and has no reaction whatsoever. Any weekend hack would have had a heart attack, which makes Byrd's walk-off shot one of the best shots in the history of golf. 

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