Tiger and Elin Split

Divorce usually takes years, not months, but for Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, time was of the essence. Their marriage ended August 23, and it's safe to say this was the best decision for the couple, fans and media.

Why? Because the speculation of settlements and how the impending split was hindering Tiger's play on the course was becoming too much to handle. It sucked the life out of him - and it should have. Reports and confirmations of Tiger's prowling across the nation were daily fodder for the national media and especially bloggers. I have no sympathy for Tiger, he dug his own marital grave, but imagine the toll it took on his personal life. For a player with tunnel vision, there was no fighting the wandering thoughts of how big a fall he has taken in the past 9 months.

The larger question is, where will Tiger go now? It's a lost year for him, so throwing together any type of "come back" in the next few months of the PGA Tour schedule will simply be momentum for 2011. We know he isn't going to add to his major total - that opportunity is lost. We know he's never had a worst professional year on Tour.

But do we know he'll make it back to what he once was? No. However, we should expect it. The rust will be knocked off his brain and we'll see Tiger return to form in 2011. Take it to the bank (and tell Elin hello while you're there). No pre-nup could hold up under the situation Tiger put his family in - nor should it.

Money doesn't matter anymore, though. When you're worth over a billion dollars, shelling out an alleged $100 million is merely a blip in the financial radar. Tiger will make that up in the future.

But don't expect him to make up another year like 2010. He's too stubborn, too driven, and too good to have another lost year attached to his resume.

Where is Phil?

After the starting the year in triumphant fashion with a win at the Masters, we have seen little magic from Phil Mickelson in 2010.

He's played in 16 events with an average of 70.3 per-round, missed one cut and has had 5 Top 10 finishes. But this was the year he was supposed to take over the No. 1 ranking from Woods. With various opportunities throughout the year to do so, and Woods in a coma, it makes you wonder what has pushed Phil so close to being No. 1, but always falling short.

Maybe he's just Woods' Scottie Pippen. He may not be cut out to be the No. 1 golfer as he appears to be unable to make that next step. Or maybe his driver is just that bad this year: Driving Accuracy: 52.8% (188th); Total Driving: 198 (107th). Add in a 66% greens in regulation (119th) and you've got a recipe for No. 2 status.

It's just a hunch, but this should have been Phil's year to ascend to the PGA Tour throne and he fell short.