Tiger at peace
It's been a long, winding road for Tiger Woods over the past 11 months. He was publicly exposed for his philandering, got divorced and struggled on the golf course more so than he ever has. However, he's claiming to be in a better place, having learned from the mistakes that tore his life apart.

"I learned a lot about myself, and I learned how things went wrong, why they went wrong, and had to take a pretty deep and introspective look at myself. And there wasn't a lot of things I like about it," Woods said. "But I had to do it, and I did it, and grateful that I did. I think that I come from a much better place, much more grounded place now than I ever have before." ESPN

The question still remains whether or not the "new" Tiger can play golf at the same level he did before his life fell off a cliff. As a model citizen and family man, Tiger was able to be himself on the golf course, which offered a reprieve from all the "faking" he was doing off the course. Now? He's made so many changes in his life, it's hard to tell if he can try to be the person he (and his sponsors) want him to ACTUALLY be off the course, while unleashing the fire that made him the world's No. 1 golfer for a million weeks in a row. 

There will always be a tug and pull on Tiger's conscience from here on out. Whether or not he has actually changed, it will be impossible for the public to truly know (we've been duped before).

Maybe not having to hide so many secrets about his life will actually be beneficial and help ease some of his tightness on the course. Time will tell. 

U.S. Golf not riding a high note
Chew on this, American golf fan:

- International players won 19 times on the PGA Tour this year.
- An American only won one Major Championship (Phil Mickelson, Masters). The others went to Graeme McDowell (U.S. Open), Louis Oosthuzien (British Open), and Martin Kaymer (PGA Championship).
- Tiger had a melt down. Phil said he is suffering from psoratic arthritis, and Anthony Kim was sidelined by injury most of the year.
- The USA lost the Ryder Cup

Probably doesn't sit too well, does it? 

Rocco likes frys
Perhaps that sub-head is a bit misleading, as I don't actually know if Rocco Mediate likes frys or not, but he did enjoy the Frys.com Open this weekend at CordeValle.

Mediate shot -15 to capture a one-stroke victory over Bo Van Pelt and Alex Purgh and win his first tournament since 2002. 

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