What Is a Hybrid Golf Club?


The hybrid golf club, sometimes called a utility club, is a combination of a fairway wood and a long iron. Most hybrids are designed with a club head comparable to a fairway wood: hollow steel or titanium with a shallow and somewhat curved face, giving it an iron-like lie angle. The hybrid's lie, length and weight are very similar to that of an iron; the head is designed to launch the ball sweetly into the air.


When to Use a Hybrid Club



  • When you're playing from rough, fairway bunker, other hazard or have an uneven lie How to Hit a Hybrid
  • When you want to reach a back pin
  • When you have to carry a hazard
  • When you're playing downwind
  • When you need the ball to land softly


How to Hit a Hybrid Club


For most golfers, the hybrid is an easy choice—it's forgiving, versatile and easy to hit. When hitting your hybrids, think of it like hitting your middle- to long-irons.


Ball Position: Your ball position for a hybrid club depends on the lie. If the ball is high on the grass, set it up like you’re hitting a fairway wood: forward in your stance (your weight should be toward your right side). If the ball is sitting low in the grass, set it up like you’re hitting your irons: center in your stance (split your weight evenly).


Swing: This too depends on your lie and if it’s for your long game or you’re hitting close to the pin. For your long game, you’ll want to think of it as a long club with a smooth swing, but you’ll want to deliver a slightly descending blow (go for the divot). If you’re hitting close to the pin and looking to chip it, you’ll want your swing to be similar to your putt swing. Stand close to the ball. While choking down slightly on the grip, swing straight-back and straight-through with your stroke.


Many players think of their hybrids as miracle clubs. They have transformed how players—amateur and professional—approach both long shots and chip shots. Hybrids were technically designed not to replace the fairway woods, but to replace the long irons. The trick in mastering your hybrids is to master your swing. Remember, practice makes perfect. They're much easier to hit than your long irons and are more reliable for the long shot. . Check out more tips for excelling at your golf game.