Commonly referred to as just a “chipper,” this golf club combines a putter with a wedge. Featuring a 30° - 37° loft, your chipper is the ideal club for those shots that are too long for a putter and too short for a wedge—in the rough or short grass, just a few feet from the green. It is sometimes used for longer shots where the fairway is clipped tight, allowing the ball more room for a little movement.


The chipper has a short shaft and an angled face like a wedge. Most of the time, you will hit it just like you hit your putter; this will send the ball on an upward trajectory, ideally landing close to the cup.


How to Hit Your Putter Chipper Like a Pro 


Grip: Use a relaxed grip on the club—the same way you grip your putter. Don't hold the club too tightly; it should feel comfortable in your hands. chipper

Stance: Assuming your usual putting stance, stand close to the ball with your feet spread apart. Rest most of your weight on the foot closest to the green.

Swing: Keeping your arms and wrists straight, slightly swing the club back like a pendulum—between two and four feet—while swiveling your hips. Remember, this should resemble your putting stroke; your motion should be slow, steady and smooth. Tip: your upper body should do all of the swinging while your arms and wrists stay straight.


Chipping Tips


  • The putter chipper allows for quite a loft and a lot of roll – plan accordingly before you swing the club.
  • Practice makes perfect. Hit the putting green with your chipper. While the chipper swing is similar to a putting swing, because of the loft, the ball travel is much different.
  • A good chipping game can save you several strokes and improve your handicap. No, it’s not the most fun part of play, but it is fundamental to the numbers on your score card.


It doesn’t matter your skill level. From novice and amateur to pro players, golfers are always looking for a way to lower their scores. One of the fastest ways to achieve this is through your short chipping game—tighten it up. The trick is knowing when to chip, how to chip and actually chipping it instead of reaching for one of the more common “fun” clubs in your bag. Check out more tips for excelling at your golf game.