I have stated previously I believe Tiger Woods was basically finished and he wouldn’t win again. His recent struggles have done nothing but strengthen that position.

However it appears the bell has gone off and he has realized a change was necessary. Enter Sean Foley into the picture. A new teacher, with new thoughts, new ideas, is exactly what Tiger needed. He needed someone to tell him how ridiculous his swing was getting.

So far the results appear to be excellent given his first round at the Barclays. If he sticks with Foley I stand a good chance of being proven wrong. I hope I am, I hope he returns to greatness, golf with Tiger at its peak is far better off than without. Here's hoping he doesn’t master this swing and then decide Foley is no good for him. Tiger, it appears you've found a good thing in Foley, stick with it for more than 2 seasons. Don’t go back to thinking you can diagnose and fix your own swing, you can’t, nor should you.