Tiger Woods SwingRecently, Hank Haney resigned as Tiger Woods swing coach. Personally I think it's a great thing for Tiger. I never thought his swing was all that great with Haney as his teacher. Now how much of that was his injury and how much was Haney, we'll never know. Accurate information from the Tiger camp is hard to come by regarding the true extent of his injuries. But overall the head movement and the collapsing left leg lead to him driving the ball terribly. His raw talent with irons, wedges, and his great putting is what allowed him to perform at a really high level while driving the ball so badly. His recent lack of playing time has lead to him not being as sharp in all facets of the game, but his horribly bad driving puts tremendous pressure on his short game and putting, and when you drive it bad, if you putt it bad, look out for the big number.

The thought I have is, it's not entirely out of the realm of possiblity that he will never be the player he used to be. If he can't find a way to stabilize his left knee so he doesn't have this major collapse with his lower body, I don't see him driving the ball well anytime soon. Of course he has a lot of issues off the course, but there are some problems in his golf swing, serious problems, that need to be addressed by someone else.

I'm not sure where he goes from here, I'm betting on Sean Foley but we'll have to wait and see....

-Hurricane Dan