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Golf GPS and Rangefinders

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have a caddy offering us the perfect club for the distance to the hole. So why not use technology to help you get that hole-in-one? Golf GPS and Rangefinders use satellite technology to pinpoint your location and your distance to the green as well as any hazards along the way. These devices are mainly about yardages, but many have new features including memory and tracking your game that make them a great accessory to have and an even better one to give as a gift.

Hurricane Golf carries rangefinders and GPS from the brands you love, including Bushnell, SkyCaddie and more! Better yet, we can offer these great brands at below wholesale because we get all of our discount golf accessories direct from the manufacturer and pro-shop closeouts. If you travel to play golf, these are “must have” golf accessories to keep in your bag!

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