This week, we travel to Aronomink Golf Club in Newton Square, PA for the AT&T National, a tournament hosted by Tiger Woods... in which he won't be playing. No surprise here, as Woods is still rehabbing injuries to his left knee and achilles issues.

Regardless, Tiger still remains the big headline at the tournament. Whether it's him announcing he has no idea when he will be back, only stating it won't be until he is 100%, to the press release stating he is now the proud endorser of some Japanese healing rub.

With all the sponsors Tiger has lost over the last year (Gillette, Gatorade, etc.) it's not surprising to hear that he is picking up new ones. But, a Japanese healing rub seems a little strange. It's been my understanding that that market has been cornered and perfected by Icy Hot and Tiger Balm. Wait... you're telling me Tiger had to hook on with Antiphlogistic Analgetic Vantelin Kowa series and couldn't even get Tiger Balm to sponsor him? The golf world truly is a strange place right now. Especially when we're talking about Eldrick.

No matter how many headlines Tiger manages to grab up without even playing golf, the tournament will go on and Justin Rose has a win to defend starting tomorrow. It won't be an easy task as this field is filled with some heavy hitters on the PGA Tour, including Hunter Mahan, Jim Furyk, Nick Watney, Adam Scott, KJ Choi and others. Maybe those names don't exactly move the needle, but if they play well, this Fourth of July weekend is going to provide plenty of good golf. 

Do yourself a favor and put Tiger out of your mind, no matter how much the announcers and media try to brain wash you with it. Yes, Woods is a big deal and he is hosting this tournament, but if you get caught up in the drama, you'll miss out on what is going to be a really good tournament. Besides, it's a 3-day weekend, what more could you ask for than hours of golf on TV?

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My Picks

1. Bill Haas
2. Adam Scott
3. Erik Compton
4. Patrick Cantaly
5. Jhonnatan Vegas