It is my hope that with the PGA Tour in New Orleans this week for the Zurich Classic that no controversies will develop and lead to a black eye for the Tour later on.

Seems to be a trend in NOLA these days. I supposed the football and golf worlds are vastly different, but maybe there is some seedy underworld on Tour that we have yet to discover.

Would you put it past Tiger to have a bounty program in which he paid off other caddies to take out Steve Williams any chance they got? Could the PGA Tour be putting a franchis tag on Masters Champion Bubba Watson that limits his ability to make money in multi-year endorsement deals? Are you really telling me that Tim Finchem isn't eavesdropping on the personal conversations of Jim Nantz and David Fehrety to see if they're saying anything bad about him or the Tour?

If that feels like the most implausible paragraph you have ever read, it was intended to be that way. This is golf and aside from the Woods scandal a few years ago, the PGA Tour is a quiet league that goes about its business week after week without damaging controversies.

That's a good thing, by the way. Though the world of sports has been TMZed with 24 hour gossip cycles, the golf world has been virtually unscathed. It is the "gentleman's game" afterall and while that may just seem like some sort of old school tag line, the golfers on Tour respect that creed and live it more than any other league.

No riots. No scandals. No vicious and sexy gossip (98% of the time). It's part of what makes golf special and, honestly, reliable. You know what you're getting, aside from the twists and turns that happen in the natural progression of a sport.

Maybe the guys on Tour are just better at hiding everything, you might say... Yea, maybe. But, it's pretty hard to keep things under wraps these days, so I'm more inclined to believe that - for good reasons - golf is just different.

All the proof you need is to head over to and do a search for the big sports leagues:

NFL: 683 results
NBA: 581 results
MLB: 135 results
NHL: 44 results
PGA Tour: 11 results

The sexiest story coming out of the PGA Tour in the last few months had to do with Bubba Watson buying the General Lee from Dukes of Hazard. That tells you everything you need to now.