Rory McIlroy’s recent announcement that he would be playing in this weekend’s PGA Championship has brought even more excitement to the year’s last major. McIlroy, making what seems to be quite a miraculous recovery from ruptured ligaments in his left ankle, is defending champion and will get a shot to retain his title. McIlroy admits to not being 100% for the soccer pitch, which is how he injured the ankle, yet seems confident that in regards to golf, he’s good to go. Causing some to question whether he may be rushing his return because of vanity or that he may be risking further injury. I’m not one of those people. I couldn’t agree more with his decision to play this weekend.

Rory McIlroy at PGA

First of all, I don’t believe this is a vanity exercise, there are things at stake besides a crack at winning the last major of the year. Rory has his #1 World Golf Ranking to protect. There are a multitude of scenarios where if Jordan Spieth just comes close to winning and Rory were to not be playing, Spieth would take over the world’s #1. It seems to me these boys care about that title. In playing, Rory at least gives himself a chance to protect his place at the top. It’s hilarious to be talking about Rory, at the “old” age of 26, staving off the young upstart 22 year old in Spieth from his spot at the top, but Rory’s a competitor, it’s at least on his mind and maybe even at the front of it.

Even if it is vanity driving him to play, I’m not sure that doesn’t make me like and root for Rory more. Rory believing in himself so much that in spite of his ankle (which has to still be tender) and not having played a competitive round since June, he thinks he’s going to be good enough to compete. That’s confidence. Heaven forbid the man pulls it if off and wins, what then? With all the circumstance and events leading up to this year’s PGA for Rory and he were to then win, it would go down as one of the most memorable in history.

As far as risking further injury, I’m inclined to say who cares? The PGA is a major championship, and wins in majors are what the greatness of careers are judged on. After the PGA, the next one isn’t until April of next year. If the worst happens and the injury is aggravated further there is plenty of time to heal up and be ready for the Masters in 2016. I know I’m being a little blase about the tournaments that round out the end of the year and the Fedex Cup, but it’s the truth. It’s why Mr. Nicklaus is considered the best to have ever played and Mr. Woods is second, it comes down to majors.


Well I’m done kissing Rory's arse (I believe that is the proper spelling of that Northern Irish word). Of course now that I’ve said online how much I believe in what he’s doing this weekend, he’ll end up missing the cut. But I’m hoping and rooting for the man to put on a show.