My parents made a trip to Chicago for the holidays and among the many delicious holiday desserts my mom brought a long for Thanksgiving, there was one item that really got me excited: golf clubs. Yes, I have been without my set of Cleveland HiBore irons for a few months now and even though it's getting a bit too cold to play in Chicago, the reunion was most pleasant.

I had been hitting the range and going on 9-hole excursions with an old set of Ram irons that my dad used to play a few years ago. When he first got that set, he heralded them as the greatest set of clubs he had ever taken to a golf course - besides the expensive fitted Ping knock-offs he bought in the early 90s. I used them for about 2 months before deciding they were garbage and instead started to hone my club repairing and refinishing skills on them.

Either way, having too much luggage on a trip a few months back made it impossible to bring the clubs back to Chicago with me, so the Rams would have to satisfy any golf cravings I had for a little bit. It didn't take me long to get back on the range to remember the sweet satisfaction I get from hitting my Cleveland irons. It's such a night and day difference between the Cleveland's and the Ram's that there's no reason for comparison, but it did remind me that when you love a set of irons, never let them out of your sight.

I've been more inspired to play golf lately mostly because of Tiger Woods' great play in the Presidents Cup and watching journeymen golfers try their hand at PGA Qualifying School this week. Getting my irons back around the same time made me think about how cold it would have to be for me not to head out and play a round. After checking the weekend forecast for Chicago (mid-40s with rain and wind), I decided if any kind of window opened up to hit the links, I would brave the cold/rain and get out on the course.

This may result in frost bite or delirium come Monday, but that's my goal. My hope is that I'll still be able to tweet and blog next week because I don't think I'll be able to categorize any injuries under worker's compensation. It's worth the risk either way.

With the Chevron and Q-School in full swing right now, it may be wise to just kick it on the couch and enjoy the game from a viewing perspective, but I think I've done enough of that in the last few months to tide me over. Besides, I need to train just in case Big Break: Chicago is on the schedule for the Golf Channel. Could I qualify, or even win that show? Absolutely not. However, I could provide some comedic entertainment similar to the horrible singers featured on American Idol and other singing competition shows.

And that, dear reader, is something I would not want you to miss.