Personally I’m betting no. I happen to like a lot of the young players. Anthony Kim, Sean O’Hair, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Camilo Villegas, and there are more we could add to the list. All are really talented, all have won on tour, and all will win again. But can this group of players and others draw ratings and crowds the way Tiger used to? Highly unlikely. I have written Tiger off, and not for his transgressions off the course but for his seemingly lackluster performance when he's on it. That combined with my suspicion that his swing is in real trouble. Yes, I know he is still the best, he has accomplished more than the players I listed will combined. He has more talent and more will to succeed than any other player. But physically he's in trouble. I think the Tiger void is here, and as this season progresses I fear it will get infinitely worse. I am hopeful some player other than Phil can captivate the audience to follow the game. Stay tuned.

-Hurricane Dan