Cog Hill is one of the finest gems in the suburban Chicago area; far enough outside the city to make you forget you're so close to one of the biggest cities in the world and close enough that if you live in the city, it's just a stones throw away.

Any golfer in the Chicago area knows Dubsdread - the home of next weekend's BMW Championship. I haven't had the satisfaction of teeing it up on Dubs and though I’m not happy about that, I’m sure the groundskeeper is. Courses 1 and 3 at Cog Hill have had the pleasure of my golf presence and the great conditions on those courses only make you wonder just how immaculate Dubsdread is. To me, having been to Cog Hill multiple times and never getting the opportunity to experience it just makes it that much more mythical.

Now, for a cool $150 that myth could become a reality and I wouldn't have to write about my desire to one day play a round on this PGA Tour caliber course. I think the appeal to Dubsdread is due to my hometown having a course worthy of the PGA Tour, Sandridge in Chardon, OH. Local courses were all I had ever played until I started caddying at Sandridge and got the opportunity to walk on the manicured fairways that were surrounded by some of the best scenery I've ever viewed. There's just a different, awe struck feeling you get the first time you're on a golf course that's cared for that well.

When I think about playing Dubsdread, part of me quivers in fear because I know I’d spend a decent amount of time hitting out of the rough. I’ve seen the course on TV so many times that I can say with certainty it requires a certain amount of accuracy to keep it on the short grass and I don’t believe my schizophrenic driver has that much in it. Plus, the rough is more than likely a bit grittier than the rough I struggled to get out of when I played Sandridge. Throw in some lightning fast greens and bunkers in places my ball would be sure to find, and all the anticipation I’ll have built up by the time I play Dubsdread will most likely be squashed after the first few holes.

My golf game would leave depressed, but my eyes and sensibilities would be elated as I drove away from Cog Hill. Each year, the company I work for has a golf outing at Cog Hill. Whenever I go there, all I can think about is somehow sneaking away to play at least one hole on Dubsdread and surviving to tell about it. It wouldn’t be worth losing my job over, especially if I only got one hole in, so I guess I’m going to have to drop that $150 to make this dream come true someday.

You know, unless I make it on the PGA Tour...