Fantasy sports have completely swallowed fans of nearly every sport around the world. It's a big money franchise that yields heartache and crazy swings of emotion from one extreme to the next.

Fantasy golf is no different. Pick four golfers each week and whoever makes the most money makes you look the smartest. Like a Nostradomus of golf results.

Well, believe it or not, Nostradomus I am not.

I pay too much attention to my fantasy football team and never enough to the other fantasy challenges I'm involved with. That's the truth and I won't deny it.

Though I love football a little more than all the other sports, it doesn't seem like the little disparity should swing my fantasy results so much. I tend to believe I'm an above average sports fan. For that reason alone, it somehow makes sense that I would mess up picks - or forget to make changes to them on a consistent basis.

Understanding your limitations as an owner in fantasy sports can be one of your greatest strengths. For instance, I know I have a strange attraction to selecting the name of one Eldrick Tiger Woods anytime I see it, no matter the tournament or status of his game. It's not a good trait to have lately, but, I continue to do it and instead of applying more recent logic to my picks.

The problem is, I feel like the first time I don't pick Woods will be the one time he wins and everyone else in the league has picked him. Stubborness can be both a gift and a curse. Luckily, Woods has been getting some high finishes of late.

Picking a golfer from the first two groups isn't what excites me about Fantasy Golf, though. It's the third and especially the 4th group that keep me coming back for me. In fact, it doesn't have much to do with discovering new golfing talents or randomly picking two so I can be done quicker and move on.

The golfer names make all the difference. There are few sports that can provide such a high level of awesome names like the PGA Tour. Next time you make your fantasy picks, I urge you to use the method I use to make selections in the 4th group always, and sometimes the third.

Having said that, it's probably clear why I'm in the middle of the pack in our Hurricane Golf Fantasy League, other than forgetting to make my picks on a couple occassions.

It's just for fun, though.. right?