Tomorow marks the halfway point for the year and, in turn, the 2012 PGA Tour season. I often do a yearly retrospective on the happenings that made an impact on Tour for the preceding 12 months at the end of the year, but a lot has happened halfway through this year that deserves some attention. This is not a heavily researched retrospective, it's a testament to what truly has made an impact in my golf life because it's all coming off the top of my head. So, here goes...

- Tiger Woods pronounced himself as "BACK" to all of the golf world by winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

- Tiger Woods pronounced himself as "NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING BACK" by putting in one of his worst performances at the Masters.

- Bubba Watson became the most humbled golfer we've seen in a long time by winning the Masters, crying like a baby, then putting his family first after that and taking time off to be with his wife and new son.

- Rory McIlroy became the World No. 1 golfer, said the pressure wasn't getting to him, then went out and threw his clubs - a la Tiger - at Wentworth. This actually made huge headlines on golf web sites everywhere even though everyone who writes or covers golf probably throws a club on a consistent basis.

- Something called the Tavistock Cup happened again and absolutely no one cared

- Phil Mickeloson played some great golf and some bad golf, all while tipping his hat with a smile on his face when people cheared him.

- The propesed "nicest guy on Tour," Matt Kuchar, won THE PLAYERS Championship. Something tells me if he's truly as nice as people say, he's not much of a "player," if you get my drift. Like, he's not hanging out at Perkins and stuff.... got it? Good.

- Erik Kuselias of the Golf Channel somehow got engaged to Holly Sonders. Just google it. Total Beauty and the Beast stuff happeneing here. It's one of life's great mysteries. He also "moved on" from the Morning Drive golf show they worked on together.

- Augusta National still didn't let women members in there club so far in 2012, but they once again got a lot of heat for it. However, heat won't make the rules change. Not being a bunch of idiots would.

What are you best memories from 2012 so far?