It's playoff time on the PGA Tour and that can mean only one thing… if you plan on watching any of the next four tournaments, get ready to be bombarded by FedEx commercials.

Actually, it means quite a few more things, but most importantly that I have to figure out who's going to win this thing. Something about these next four tournaments being playoffs makes picking an overall winner feel just as important as if it were a major. At the end of the day, the PGA Tour is hoping this becomes as popular as a major, so for the purposes of this article, we'll treat it like one.

The hardest part is deciding on an approach to picking a winner. Since the playoffs are four tournaments over four weeks, the room for error is massive. Instead of choosing a Top 10 for each week and making a final pick going into the TOUR Championship, I'm going all in and just making my final picks now and crossing my fingers. Living on the edge, right?

I picked five golfers from the Top 10 of the FedEx Cup regular season standings that I thought had the best chance based on past performance in the FedEx Cup and how the shape of their game is going into The Barclays on Thursday. So first, the golfers:

Nick Watney… Regular season rank: 1st… Two Top 10 finishes in previous FedEx Cup Playoffs (T6th, 2009 Barclays; T4th, 2010 TOUR Championship)… 0 playoff wins… 0 Top 10 overall finishes

Steve Stricker… Regular season rank: 2nd… Nine Top 10 finishes in previous FedEx Cup Playoffs (T9th, 2007 Deutsche Bank; 3rd, 2009 BMW; T10th, 2008 BMW; T2nd, 2009 Barclays; 1st, 2009 Deutsche Bank; 6th, 2009 TOUR Championship; T3rd, 2010 Barclays; 9th, 2010 Deutsche Bank; T8th BMW)… 1 playoff win… Three Top 10 overall finishes (2007 - 2nd, 2009 - 3rd, 2010 - 7th)

Luke Donald… Regular season rank: 4th… Three Top 10 finishes in previous FedEx Cup Playoffs (T10th, 2009 BMW; T2nd, 2010 Deutsche Bank; 2nd, 2010 TOUR Championship)… 0 playoff wins… 1 Top 10 overall finish (2010 - 3rd)

Phil Mickelson… Regular season rank: 6th… Five Top 10 finishes in previous FedEx Cup Playoffs (T7th, 2007 Barclays; 1st, 2007 Deutsche; T3rd, 2008 TOUR Championship; 1st, 2009 TOUR Championship; T8th, 2010 BMW)… 2 playoff wins… Three Top 10 overall finishes (2007 - 3rd, 2008 - 7th, 2009 - 2nd)

KJ Choi… Regular season rank: 7th… Five Top 10 finishes in previous FedEx Cup Playoffs (2nd, 2007 Barclays; T5th, 2008 BMW; 9th, 2008 TOUR Championship; T3rd, 2010 BMW; T7th, 2010 TOUR Championship… 0 playoff wins… Two Top 10 overall finishes (2007 - 5th, 2008 - 10th)

Pretty good playoff resumes for those five golfers. Since this system has only been in play for two years (the rules changed in 2009), it's hard to get any kind of perspective on what those numbers actually mean and if there is any way to use them to make sound picks. Clearly, I've done a little bit of research, and it looks to me like Stricker has the most accomplished resume of the bunch. He has consistently placed in the Top 10, has a win and is always in contention. Though Donald and Watney don't have the track record, they're probably playing the best golf (just ask the World Golf Rankings) right now. Throw in two wily veterans in Lefty and Choi and it makes for quite the conundrum. (Note: The fact that this is only 5 of 125 golfer's should make you realize how maddening this process is.)

So let's just do this, shall we?

1. Stricker
2. Mickelson
3. Donald
4. Watney
5. Choi

Here's hoping I'm a clutch picker that makes 'em best when it counts.