My intentions were to begin the New Year covering the first PGA Tour tournament of the year, the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Kapalua, HI, but sometimes the wind just blows you in another direction. 


In my lifetime, I don't ever recall so many delays on behalf of wind. I don't remember any wind delays, in fact, which makes the four day delay so extraordinary. No one wants to swing a club in a thunderstorm or try to find their white golf ball in a foot of snow. That's completely understandble. But, wind? Well, I live in the Windy City and I've been nearly knocked over by some of the gusts that kick up in downtown Chicago, but I've never not gone golfing because of a wind forecast. Nor have I known, seen or heard of anybody else doing so. 

It could be because of my skill level, but wind is never really a big factor in my golf game. Like so many of you, I enjoy grabbing a bit of grass and throwing it in the air to see where the wind is going. Most of the time it doesn't seem to matter which way the wind is blowing because my accuracy isn't on point enough to be aided by gusts of wind. Regardless of the value of the wind information I get, I just like the idea that doing the test is important and makes me look more legit. 

There might come a time when I actually get really good at this game and wind statistics will matter more to me. For now, it is what it is. I'll toss the grass and look at it inqusitively as it falls to the ground. The last time knowing the wind conditions was important to my game and I was able to do something about it was about 10 years ago. But, I was playing speed golf in a thunderstorm with a friend and having the wind at my back helped propel me down the fairway after my ball faster. 

I do feel as though the PGA Tour missed a huge opportunity to attract viewers and showcase a fun, mostly silly product.Just let them play through it. I know I'd watch a player chip in to the wind and watch them chase afer their ball as it flies in random directions or blows right off of the green and into the bunker. 

I know I would watch hours of PGA Tour players struggling the way we do in perfect weather. Can you imagine how made Tiger Woods wood get? Or how funny Bubba Watson would be? 

This is starting to sound like Steve-O's next TV show. 

We can only hope.