[Exhibit A] Paul Casey has not won a single PGA Tour tournament in 2010. Should he win the Tour Championship this weekend at East Lake, he'd take home the $10 million prize bestowed upon the FedEx Cup Championship.

The past has shown the Top 5 players going into the final tournament for the FedEx Cup have a shot at taking home the trophy and a huge check. But something is fundamentally wrong with a "championship" that can be won by a player who has never finished atop the leaderboard throughout the year. The Sprint Cup in NASCAR thinks the FedEx Cup is a joke. An 8-8 division winning NFL team that makes the playoffs is finding humor in golf playoffs as well.

Tiger Woods might as well be in contention for that paycheck this weekend. He'd probably only get to keep half of it, so don't tell Elin there's a chance a golfer that hasn't won in 2010 has a chance to take home $10 million... better yet, forget I wrote that last sentence and let's move forward.....

Breaking down the past three winners and their win's on tour in that respect year....
2009 - Tiger Woods - Wins: 6 - Top 10: 14
2008 - Vijay Singh - Wins: 3 - Top 10: 8
2007 - Tiger Woods - Wins: 7 - Top 10: 12

If Casey wins on Sunday here's where he stacks up:
2010 - Paul Casey - Wins: 1 - Top 10: 7

That's a lof of money on the line for mediocrity. In Major League Baseball, 162 games-played (plus playoffs) is a marathon that 99% of the time crowns the best team in baseball. In golf? Doesn't matter.

Part of me sincerely hopes that Casey wins on Sunday just so the screaming heads in the national sports media can go to town and I can laugh. Then again, I won't be the one laughing the loudest... Casey will have the last laugh, all the way to the bank.

A look at the rest of the field
Current Standings:
(points behind leader)
1. Matt Kuchar - 4,935
2. Dustin Johnson (636)
3. Charley Hoffman (1,486)
4. Steve Stricker (1,563)
5. Paul Casey (1,920)
6. Jason Day (2,302)
7. Luke Donald (2,338)
8. Ernie Els (2,592)
9. Martin Laird (2,641)
10. Phil Mickelson (2,686)

A quick guide to how we got here...
Ernie Els spent 21 weeks atop the FedEx Cup standings, but fell off after a miserable tournament at the Barclays, shooting a +5. Matt Kuchar won the Barclays and has been atop the FedEx Cup standings ever since. For a week-to-week Top 5 breakdown, click here.

Rather than break down the entire scoring system, here's a link to the scoring breakdown by finishing position.