On second thought...

I found myself sitting in front of the TV Sunday... a nervous look on my face... peering over my shoulder... looking side-to-side.

"Will they think I'm a hypocrite?" I asked myself. "Can I be forgiven for not practicing what I've preached?"

Since you're on a golf Web site, I'll assume you know the British Open was played over the weekend at St. Andrews. Since you're on THIS Web site, I'll assume (good use of that word here) you've read my past columns.

So, I'm just going to confess -- I couldn't watch the British Open for more than 10 minutes without being bored out of my mind. Looking back, the highlights of the event weren't even very high, and they weren't even very bright.

The best highlights were pressed on John Daly's pants.

I've been saying in this space for about a month that golf fans should be tuning into PGA Tour events - regardless of the star being there or not - because the lesser-known players have been stepping it up and making the golf on TV worth watching.

The stars were out this weekend and that didn't even translate into good TV - or very good golf for that matter. The weather was a huge factor, as it always is as St. Andrews, but it got to the point where the conditions were no longer compelling because it hurt the performances so much. When the golf isn't that good in the first place, it creates a tournament that isn't exciting or worth four hours on a Sunday afternoon.

I'm not going to give up watching TV events because of this weekend, but I'm also not going to pretend I have any interest in seeing Louis Oosthuizen win a major either. Had he not completely run away with the tournament, I may have felt different, but there was just no substance to it. No one got close after the second round and historically - as unfortunate as this may be - no ones going to remember the 2010 British Open.

Now, had Oosthuizen been wearing Daly's pants..... well, that just changes the whole story now doesn't it?

Predictions Analysis
aka Don't Take Me To Vegas

Here is a look at my Top 10 predictions and how they stacked up (not well).

1. Tiger Woods; Actual Finish: 24
2. Rory McIlroy; Actual Finish: T3
3. Justin Rose; Actual Finish: Missed Cut
4. John Daly; Actual Finish: T48
5. Phil Mickelson; Actual Finish: T48
6. Stewart Cink; Actual Finish: T48
7. Sergio Garcia; Actual Finish: T14
8. Steve Stricker; Actual Finish: T55
9. Dustin Johnson; Actual Finish: T14
10. Tom Watson; Actual Finish: Missed Cut