The first major is still four months away, but the action has already begun. Not on the golf course, but in the sports book. 

So, who is your best bet in each of the 2011 majors? According to a sampling of 19 different online books, no losing streak or infidelity scandal can slow down the behemoth that is picking Tiger or the field. 

Woods is the "best bet" for all four majors in 2011 according to numbers pulled in at Woods is +400 to win the Masters (2. Phil Mickelson, +900), +350 to win the U.S. Open (2. Mickelson, +650), and +550 to win the British Open (2. Lee Westwood, +1400). 

Simply looking at the three majors provided, I would advise dropping some cash down on Westwood in the British. A hefty pay day could very well be in your future. Then again, I'm not a betting man (most of the time), but those odds are pretty nice. Besides, Westwood is bound to win a major at some point, right?....right? Moving along...

There is also a nice block from 10-15 for the Masters that looks especially appealing: 10. Graeme McDowell, +4000; 11. Ian Poulter, +4000; 12. Justin Rose, +4000; 13. Jim Furyk, +4100; 14. Retief Goosen, +5000; 15. Anthony Kim, +5000. 

Disclaimer: Hurricane Golf and the Hurricane Golf Blog accept no responsibility for your taking any advice in this column. Unless you win.. in that case, chip us off 30%.

It's simply fascinating to see how much the sports book loves to pump Tiger, and the betting public never seems to lose faith. Check out this graph of historical betting odds for Woods. After marveling at it, switch the graph to another golfer and see the extreme disparity.. even if choosing Mickelson. Pretty impressive, and makes you understand why Tiger was spending so much time in Vegas... or something.

If you're wondering why any of this matters in late December 2010, it doesn't really, unless you're looking to get ahead of the gambling curve before either 1. Tiger starts dominating and the odds change or 2. Tiger really slumps and the odds change even more drastically. 

The truth is, we're in a golf lull until next weekend, I just cleaned my clubs and put them away for the winter, and it's a little depressing. So, naturally, I thought of gambling. 

If you don't see a column from me next week, I'm sure it won't take you too long to guess why.