Many think the golf season ended in thunderous European applause after the Ryder Cup, but believe it or not, the golf world continues to turn. 

It's been the year of the runner-up for Lee Westwood, but he looks set to take a crowns that's been stitched to Tiger Woods' skull for 279 straight weeks. 

Westwood is set to take over as the world's No. 1 ranked golfer... and he's doing it by doing nothing at all. 

With both Woods and Westwood stagnant through the month of October, Westwood will climb to No. 1, unless for some reason Woods becomes offended by this injustice, joins a tournament, and throttles the field. Do not discard that notion as unbelievable, because it could just happen knowing Woods. If that doesn't happen, Westwood will be knocking Woods off the top shelf on October 31. 

Of course, Westwood's time at the top, as is custom, likely won't last all that long. He and his biggest competition (Woods, Martin Kaymer, and Phil Mickelson) look to all return for the $7 million HSBC tournament in Shanghai on Nov. 4-7. Should any of them win, that individual would likely step up to the top rung of the ladder. 

Seeing as how, historically, no one has been able to stand up to Tiger in the World Rankings, I would think Tiger seeing himself in the No. 2 slot for the first time in a long time will motivate him enough to start hitting the golf ball straight. Then again, that's what we've been saying all year.